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White Tantra: A Meditative Approach to Hatha Yoga Volume One, Two, and Three

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White Tantra Yoga is the Grandfather of Hatha Yoga. It is a breath-oriented, meditative, and chakra-focused practice of gentle stretches that promote health on all levels. These CDs include Tantric breathing techniques, mediations, yoga postures, chakra focus, throat chakra awakening, bandhas, sacred geometry and pratyahara.

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*Please note that we have significantly discounted the price of the CD sets due to the covers of the cases being cracked. The CDs are in great condition and work. However the covers are cracked** 

Charles Muir has been teaching yoga since 1967 and is the Founder of Source School of Tantra Yoga, a nationally acclaimed school for Tantra Yoga. In 1980, he originated Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving format, Sacred Spot Massage, and many other critical experiential exercises. Today, Charles is considered the Pioneer of the Modern Tantra Movement in the United States and has been quoted in over 125 books on Tantra, sex, yoga, and relationship.

White Tantra Yoga (Laya Yoga) is the Grandfather of Hatha Yoga. It is a breath-oriented, meditative, and chakra-focused practice of gentle stretches that promote health on all levels. It is a way of “making love” to your body which will revitalize you, increase your flexibility, and lead you to the Beloved that resides in your Heart. A beautiful musical score joins perfectly with ” word picture” instruction, to lead you into the state of being which is Yoga. This CD includes Tantric breathing techniques, meditations, and easy-to-follow White Tantra routines.


  • Volume One Beginners Audio CD: Includes 30-minute wake-up routine. Plus 30-minute unwinding routine.

Volume one offers a meditative approach to hatha yoga. This CD features a 30-minute “wake-up routine” to start your day and another 30-minute routine to assist you in unwinding for a restful night sleep. This volume contains 1 CD (60 minutes).

  • Volume Two Intermediate Audio CD: Includes 2 CDs complete Yoga sessions of 20, 30, and 50 minutes, all of which can be joined in any combination.

The 22 Yoga postures and 5 pranayamas are presented along with Laya Yoga mediations and the correct chakra focus. Also taught is the profound mediation technique known as Ajapa (So-Hum), which has been used by Advanced Tantra practitioners for centuries. We guarantee that this Intermediate CD Set will relax, uplift and renew you, while guiding you into a deep Yogic state!

  •  Volume Three Advanced Audio CD: Includes two CDs 50-minute routines that can be practiced alone or together for a total mind/body session.

Throat chakra awakening, bandhas, sacred geometry, and pratyahara are covered. A powerful kundalini mediation (cosmic intercourse) and awareness of panic flows will take you into your deepest experience of Yoga. Extensive practice with psychic sleep (Yoga Nidra) will provide you with deep relaxation and regeneration. Affirmations and instruction for merging with the Inner Beloved and Inner Guru are also included. 2 CDs (140 minutes).

*stones not included


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