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Tongue Kung Fu



The Art of Sensual Cunnilingus

  • 3-hours using the tongue and fingers and the ancient healing arts of Taoist Sexual Meditation & Tantric Yoga to create hypnotic, erotic states of ecstasy and desire through cunnilingus.
  • Total nudity, genital touching, licking, finger techniques.

All Skill Levels • For Couples


Learn at least 12 Tantra/Taoist/Erotic hypnosis techniques that will transform your oral sex love life into one of ecstatic pleasure, harmony and deep emotional connection! No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. There is nudity in this seminar.

Have you ever felt there must be something more to sexual loving?  Just a few hours after your beginners’ course, you will discover the ancient secrets of female sexual ecstasy and pleasure through tantric sexual healing, Taoist sexual meditation and erotic hypnosis techniques for oral pleasure for both partners.  You will learn to use sexual energy for increased intimacy, spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony and freedom. Turn oral sex into a relationship practice of healing energy, renewal and transformation.

Are you tired of chasing weak orgasms?  Has your oral sex experience left you unfulfilled or frustrated? Women can experience longer, deeper, faster and more powerful orgasms.  You can tap into an endless, spontaneous flow of creative love energy.  Couples will also discover use of the body meridians and using your oral prowess.

In Ancient India, Tantric sex was taught as an art form that every conscious person must master. Now you can learn these ancient and proven skills translated as a 21st century art form and experience harmonious, joyful union.

Explicit sexual activity, nudity and oral to genital contact takes place in class.


Relaxation Techniques – Keeping them safe and secure while rocking their world with adventure.

VETI-Vibrational Energy Technique Induction, Sway Energy Technique, Arm Relaxation Technique

The Importance of VOKAG – The Visual – The color of life’s blood, the sparkle in her eyes.  The smell (Olfactory), deep fresh earth and grass, just like the wonderful smell of a woman. Bringing out the sensuality of your partner’s pheromones.  Kinesthetic – as your beloved’s touch makes you tingle, feel all the wonderful touch between body parts and spirit that will move you beyond what you have ever believed.   Aural – the Tantric sounds of pleasure that emanate from deep inside her sexual energy, verbally expressed in moans of pleasure.  Gastronomically – Your mouth, your nose and the warmth inside your throat, just like the incredible sensuality of a woman’s taste, smell and warmth. Using your tongue to create delectable pleasures throughout the body and spirit.

Kissing Techniques – Enlightening the body energy – The Oxytocin Rush.  “Oxytocin plays a key role in the meltdown of prior learning in preparation for new learning.”  The more you dump Oxytocin into the system, the more reset there can potentially be.

Becoming the Standard of What a Loving Man Will Be.

Your beloved has an ideal way to give or receive anything. She will instinctively do to you what she wants done to her. When you kiss a woman, you must learn to pay attention to where your lips make contact, how much pressure, and lip configuration. And then you must mirror it back.  You maintain a forward pressure, but a malleable forward pressure so that you’re doing back to her the mirror image of what she’s doing to you.  When you have your tongue in her mouth, you can actually take your tongue and put it on her palate. And you’ll literally be connecting her yin and yang meridians to yours and the energy will activate.

Body Massage Through the Ears – The ears are, energetically speaking, a major sexual, romantic, and seduction zone.  You’ll learn how to seduce your lover just by rubbing her ears.  The ear itself, energetically and neurologically, represents every portion of the body.  The body, internal and external, has a corresponding zone on the ear. You can literally give a woman a full body massage through her ears, which means you can touch her genitals by touching her ears.

Sniffing – What you basically want to do is inhale her, in any pattern you want.  Sniffing allows you to take control through breath, relaxing even further the somatic system.  Breathe out giving her that warmth, her yin you inhaled mixed with your yang, your fire.

Learn the Combined Stimulation Technique (CST) – A combination of biting, licking, massage and sucking.

Sexual Fractionation – An intense arousal state that creates a love trance state.   Sufficiently amplified neurological arousal is a gateway to trances. It bypasses the critical factor and creates a set of perceptual filters about what’s going on and how it will feel as it happens. Take her into an intense pleasure zone, move away from it and come back to it; building response potential, getting more aroused each time you revisit.

Zeigarnik Effect – Whereby interruption of a task can lead the task to be remembered in more detail.  Additionally, making yourself the most irresistible lover on earth.

Sweep your lover off her/his feet, take her/his breath away, give her/him the most amazing sexual and romantic experience of her life. Take her further than she thought she could go and you’ve gone.  “If your lover could give you everything you ever fantasized about and then take you beyond what you even thought was good for you, and it just got better over time, what would you do?

Fingering Techniques – All previously learned techniques plus the Qigong Vulvic Energy Massage Technique (QVM)-my discovery.

These courses are designed to provide information on Tantra/Taoist/Hypnosis. They are taken with the understanding that Jon a Certified Energy Arts Educator is not engaged in rendering medical, psychological, or other professional services. If medical or other expert assistance is required, please seek the services of a competent professional. The purpose of these courses is to educate. Boise Energy Arts Center (BEACH) and Fire power Passion, their employees, and Certified Energy Arts Educators shall not have liability to any person with respect to any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the information or attendance at these courses.



Tongue Kung Fu – The Art of Cunnilingus, class will start promptly at 10:00am class will end at 1:00 pm.


  • Bed pillow for comfort and to be used as props for some of the exercises.
  • Your favorite personal refillable water bottle and/or insulated hot beverage mug, both with tight-fitting lids. This helps us tread more lightly on Mother Earth.
  • Dress for comfort. Yoga type clothes seem to be the best with layers for cool and warm weather.  In warmer weather bathing suits or shorts will also work.
  • We encourage you to bring the following items to beautify your room: candles/matches, flowers, and personal sacred items.
  • Please refrain from smoking or wearing perfume during the seminar due to the prevalence of allergies/sensitivities.


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