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HypTantra Methodology for Sexual Trauma Release



HypTantra™ Methodology for Sexual Trauma Release

Have you had any sexual trauma, trauma, anxiety in your life or suffer from depression?

This patented system focuses on changing outcomes, eliminating guilt, shame or fear about your sexuality and relationships and assist in the elevation of depression and anxiety.
This is for anyone who’s had trauma, sexual trauma, depression, or anxiety. At any point in their life, finding those root causes and using various modalities to disrupt what’s there and change the initial sensitizing event.

Most of us spend about 70% of our day in hypnosis at one time or another. Most people think they see someone, and their eyes are closed they think they are dead asleep while under hypnosis. That is not the case at all you are fully aware of everything going on and you remember everything. It’s almost as if you are sitting there relaxed.
For example, have you ever driven home from work and all the sudden you find yourself in your garage or driveway? That is a form of hypnosis. It’s a form of self-hypnosis, we do it all the time. Because it’s so automatic. On your drive home your brain will just relax. And that is basically the same thing hypnosis is.

What we are looking to achieve through the HypTantra™ process is changes that are significant and permanent. We do follow-up meetings with you one month and three months after the session to see what’s actually changed in your life and how you benefit from it.

Hypnosis and Tantra are two separate modalities. We put those two modalities together combined with art therapy, house-tree-person and sand tray, and EFT also known as Tapping. What that does is actually speeds up the healing process instead of seeing a therapist for years in 5 sessions we should be able to clear up and change the things you want to change in your life.
We conducted an almost yearlong study with close to 30 participants using the results from their sessions as proof that when combined this process works.

The total cost for the 5 sessions plus a 5-year guarantee, is $2,500.00 per person.


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