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Pre-Orders for Stay Present: The Art of Sensual Energy Ritual, Language That Melts & Tantra Yoga



That first kiss. The way you feel when you kiss him for the first time. Like fire within your bones. Like your soul has returned to the water. Like every part of you that came from a dead star is alive again.

Nikita Gill

I invite you to remember your first kiss.  Can you recall the practical details; how old are you?  Where are you? What are you both wearing? Can you allow your body to feel it?  The anxious tug in your belly the moments before your lips met, the electricity that moved through as your tongues touched, or the building inside of you that maybe you didn’t yet recognize.  That’s right as I say these words you are right back there.

Those first intimate moments with our partners throughout our lives come with heightened senses of excitement and desire.   As you experienced more intimacy with your partners your senses deepened.  Think about the first time your naked body pressed against your first love and the strength of your pulse in the more sensitive parts of your body.

I wrote this book for those of you who want to bring that heightened sense of intimacy and sensuality into all your loving encounters.

“I had been suffering with low libido for months. It felt as if my brain and my body were disconnected. Jag worked with me to release my blockers and reconnect me. Honestly, I had no expectations. The experience was like nothing I’ve ever encountered before. The results were immediate and intensely physical. I’m still in awe that this is even possible. The process was nothing short of magic. I would recommend Jag a million times over. He is professional and very easy to feel comfortable with. Thank you, Jag! This was a game changer for me.” – Grateful Dana, June 03, 2020 

“I’m just so grateful that this information was not only available to us in our area 9I feel that I can only get so far with books and online education), but that the information is gifted in such a straightforward way.” – Fallon, March 12, 2021 

About The Author

Daka Jag is a workshop leader, alternative healing coach and mentor, for those seeking deeper meaning in the world of intimacy, sensuality, and sexual loving. Utilizing his background in educational psychology, hypnosis, neurolinguistics programming, ancient Taoist and Tantra energy and sexuality techniques, Daka Jag mentors his students to find love, intimacy and healing in their relationships and lives.

Daka Jag has taught couples and individuals worldwide in his Hyptantra™ and sexual loving methods. His private practice, Tantra Energy Arts Center Hypnosis (TEACH) continues to have classes, workshops, hands-on training, and private student sessions. Through TEACH Daka Jag provides continued opportunities to enhance the specific areas you will be enthralled with in this book.

To Pre-Order please email Samantha at [email protected] and your information will be added to our system. When the book is published, you will receive an email notification with options to purchase. 


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